Three reasons to visit Hastings Caves

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Tasmania's Hastings Caves are a magical place to visit thanks to their beauty and fascinating features.

But that's not all. Check out these three compelling reasons to visit the Hastings Caves, located about a 90 minute drive from Hobart.

The Newdegate Cave

This cave is rare due to the fact it's formed from dolomite rather than limestone. It's big, too – there are over 240 stairs! You can take a guided tour of this fascinating place and see the rock beautifully lit up around you.

See if you can spot some of the underworld creatures that dwell here. To survive in the conditions, they usually have long antennae to make up for their lack of vision. These cave-dwelling critters are so attuned to life underground here that they wouldn't be able to survive on the surface. In addition, some crawling species are found here and nowhere else.

Awe-inspiring formations

Head into the underground world of the Hasting Caves and you'll be greeted by vast open caverns, elegant flowstone and impressive stalactites and stalagmites. It's a great look into the natural world of the past, as these caves started forming around 40 million years ago and were only discovered in 1917.

The thermal pool

There are more than simply caves to enjoy in the Hastings area! Take a relaxing dip in the thermal pool, where you'll be surrounded by lush forest. There's a paddling area specifically for kids as well.
The temperature is kept at around 28 degrees Celsius year-round, and when it's cold you might notice it steaming.

Be sure to take a walk along the Hot Springs Track. Here, you'll find two converging streams – dip your hand in and you'll be able to feel both a cool and warm current meeting up. Oh, and pack BBQ supplies as you can cook up!


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