3 reasons to visit Mount William National Park

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Tasmania has so many national parks that it can be hard to remember which is which, or where certain features are located.

With that in mind, here are three great reasons why you should visit Mount William National Park in particular, located in Tassie's far-east.

Dramatic scenery

Mount William National Park is one of the most colourful parts of Tasmania. From golden-green grasslands, shimmering sand dunes, giant orange boulders and deep blue waters there is truly an abundance of sights and shades to capture your attention.

The Bay of Fires walk

This guided walk through the Bay of Fires is exception. One night is spent at the Forester Beach Camp with another two nights at the award winning Bay of Fires lodge.

Get up close and personal with nature and learn about the ecology of the region. As part of the experience involves camping, it allows you to see the region in a way many people never get the chance to.

This is truly one of Australia's 'hidden gems' – so get in while you can before everybody else discovers it too!

The wildlife

This park is also a fantastic location for wildlife spotting expeditions. Would you like to see adorable pademelons, bennetts wallabies and forester kangaroos up close? If so, head out of your encampment or lodge at dawn or sunset for your best chance at spotting the creatures.

During the day, you have a good chance of seeing echidnas, as these gentle creatures often wander through the shrubbery during sunlight hours. There is also an impressive array of bird life.

Tasmanian devils, on the other hand, are most often found at night scavenging for foods. It's an amazing experience to see one up close!

Setting for The Camp at Bay of Fires Walk

Walking the Bay of Fires Walk

Want a deck to relax on? We have a deck - Bay of Fires Lodge

Stumpys Bay Beach Tasmania in the Mt William National Park

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